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What Are We Reading for October 2019

Gather round! I come to tell the tale of the office drone whose boss walked up behind him while he was looking at porn. “I’m just reading it for the incisive political commentary on race, gender politics and the skewering of power dynamics in contemporary Western discourse! Also I have another hour before this project finishes compiling!” The stricken cubicle denizen cried, but his boss actually understood his workload and didn’t believe him!

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The Making of a Glibs Author

The scarab-colored Corniche purred North along FDR drive with the top down on a beautiful Manhattan Fall day. Tonio chatted away with his agent in the back seat and they took turns exchanging her flask of VSOP with his joint of some really good weed the bellhop had sold him.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Hammond was strapped to a gurney by wide leather belts at the chest, wrists, waist and ankles. Brian opened an envelope containing a thick rubber “hockey puck” bite guard which he slipped into the patient’s open and eager mouth, then made sure it was fitted in securely. He was the only orderly who would work this duty; the others were either scared off by Vinson’s rantings about deviltry, or terrified of the old bat herself.

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SugarFree’s 2016 Campaign Coverage

Secret Nazi President by Baked Penguin

DoD Anthrax Vaccine Serial by Ozymandias



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