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A Taste of Honey

Honey is not an item one thinks about very often unless you are fermenting a tasty mead, or like to use the natural sweetener on your morning toast. But there are lessons to be learned from honey: the effects of tariffs and as a parallel to the drug war.

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Sunday Links

You want content?!  Are you daft?  But since it appears we have gained a lot of people, and SP labored long and hard to upgrade this place… A CONSPIRACY OF PRIVILEGE, SQUASHED!!! Residents of the East Coast express dismay...

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Find the Lady

The assumption of growth will not be borne out in economic models reliant on ignoring true scarcity. Our economy is adding people to the economy at a faster rate than it is removing obsolete jobs and retirees. The scarcity being overlooked is job creation. It isn’t happening fast enough.

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