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Thank You, President Trump

From Mid-Town Orphan Recycling | Over 1 Million Served! “Trump is not a Libertarian, not even close, yet he has brought balance to the force. Somehow, someway, the people of the United States of America elected the best possible candidate to completely undermine the media…and I love it!”

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The Traditional Media Is Waging War

While cleaning out my nursery closet, I was stopped in my tracks while passively listening to a phenomenal video by Sargon of Akkad.  If you have a half hour to spare, I highly recommend a look or listen.  The video, which is...

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A Place of One’s Own

by Tonio, Feb 12, 2017, (incorporating edits by the estimable Jo Ferova)   We have embarked upon an enterprise and we now have a blog-type thingy of our very own. Thanks to the web design people, lawyers, funders,...

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Trump Derangement Syndrome

I’ll likely write more about this later, but for the moment, I wanted to share some of the more unhinged things showing up in my Facebook feed. Normally, I’d just laugh at this shit, but since there’s real...

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