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Glibertarians After Dark: My New Fetish

If you bought a shipping container, you could rent a track hoe and some wheelbarrows, then excavate a section of ground, and submerge the container lengthwise into a hole. Before covering the entrance with dirt, lower your sex doll and several generators and halogen spotlights into the container. This space would provide excellent shelter from the harsh seasonal conditions, and a means by which you could engage in private liaisons while remaining undetected by your wife. That’s what I did. I’m leasing a vacant lot near the Saco Ranger Station in Conway, N.H., and I’ve been reported missing for months. Nobody suspects me of experiencing arousal and night emission of any kind. My wife is currently living back in Thailand with her parents, where she provides hospice care in return for subsidized rent and hot meals. I’ve retreated into my container almost full-time, and find the company of my sex doll to be sufficient. I’ve named it “Alexa”. I only exit the container to defecate very rapidly or ingest runoff water when thirsty. I do not, however, budge for urinary expulsion. It’s very tedious, to be honest. Sometimes I experience severe paranoia and debilitating remorse. I wonder if my wife will ever emotionally recover. On a scale of one to ten, I rate this new lifestyle a five.

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