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A Relaxing Labor Day Weekend Sail with Double Eagle

We raised our spinnaker and had to pick a course far enough out to get current help, but not so far out that we missed the wind effect from Trade Winds hitting the huge sea cliffs.  Every few miles we had to jibe.  We were well paired with The Other Boat and often crossed within yards of each other.  Sometimes we had a small lead and other times they had the advantage. As we raced past Molokai the small swell helped our speed as we would “surf” some swells for free speed.

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FreedomFest 2021

What I remember from FreedomFest 2021, a multi-day libertarian conference.  The conference featured a variety of speakers.  Most are libertarian or liberty leaning. The organizers sometimes bring in conservative and liberal speakers.  The organizers’ goal is to have a variety of speakers and a variety of topics to provoke thought and debate.

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Alaska Ramblings I – Seward

The Place On Sunday, July 25th, Mrs. Animal and I took our two visiting daughters down the Kenai Peninsula to the small town of Seward, the first of many neat little places in Alaska that we intend to visit – and on which I will...

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